ZD-spc Version 2.8 for Windows 9X\NT

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The official SPC player of the ultimate emulation site, Zophar's Domain!

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ZD-spc is an SPC player for Windows9X. For those of you who don't know, an SPC is an SNES music file that contains samples, and the code to play those samples. ZDspc plays these files by emulating the SPC700. (The Snes9x SPC700 core is used, so you'll need at least a P133 for good performance.) The result is, you get to hear your favorite SNES tunes at only 64KB a pop!.

ZDspc was created with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. This program took a long time to create, and was meant to be an easy way to play SPC's on your Windows computer.   It features a systray icon, auto play on open,  slider volume control,  awsome GUI...  and a whole bunch of other cool features. Every version will look and perform better as they come.  So go ahead and let ZD-spc be known!  : D

If you're looking for SPCs, go to the official ZD SPC Archive, maintained by alamone.

Whats new:
Release 2.8:

  • Finally fixed visualization to work with newer sound cards!
  • Added systray recovery in case Explorer crashes
  • Fixed a window placement bug
  • Fixed a MAJOR bug with all Internet plugins
  • Sped up visualization
  • Fixed some crashing bugs
  • Re-arranged menu's


        The main screen of the program.

       That icon to the right is the sys tray for ZD-spc.  ZD-spc minimizes to it.

       This is what the ZD-spc plugin looks like in use. 

       This is what the ZD-nsf plugin looks like in use. Note the Next, and Prev song options in the menu. 


    ZD-spc version 2.8 - Downloaded times since December 22nd.

    ZD-spc VB DDE Sample (for making front-ends or what not)

    ZD-spc mIRC script (AZD-spc) by Sokrin Hou 

    ZD-spc mIRC script (DanSPC) by DanSolo

    SPC, MP3, ETC mIRC script (Bsound 0.7) by MrMerrow

    SPC mIRC script (DickSPC) by DickSmoka


    If anyone would like to help me out in the following areas,  most would be appreciated!
    Only Visual C++,  no basic, borland, or Delfi
    - Any help on how to make the plugin look better. :)
    - Any other good help :)

    Thanx for all your support!

    ©2000 Copyright Nitrolic INC.  ZD-spc is copyrighted by Nitrolic INC.  All images on this page can be used on any site you wish,  but please put ZD-spc on your site! Zophar's Domain is a trademark of Brad Levicoff.   Any comments should be sent to me,  Nitro187.